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Railroad mysteries, and other things which baffle us. Comments welcome!

Stone Gap routes?

The path(s) from Stone Creek Rd through Stone Gap seems pretty indeterminate. It seems likely one route is under the existing road through the gap into Penn Roosevelt park. But examination in the SW corner of the gap shows clear RoW headed along the stream into the gap. Then it disappears 🙁 It’s unclear whether it has been wiped by flooding or whether it never continued into the gap. Was this a deadend spur, or was there actually a very big wye formed by two tracks through the gap?

Faust Flat horseshoe

After considerable explorations, we can’t find the large horseshoe depicted by Kline in the vicinity of Faust Flat. Though it would seem it should pass through Smith Gap, no sign was found there, and the terrain seems very steep.

We have definite roadbed in the vicinity of Underwood Trail, but it disappears into brutal undergrowth before reaching Smith Gap.

Linden Hall sawmill location?

Precisely where was the sawmill at Linden Hall, and how did the railroad reach it? Examining Penn Pilot images and satellite views gives a few possible clues, but nothing definite. There is supposedly a book on Linden Hall’s history, which we need to find and peruse!