Stone Gap routes?

The path(s) from Stone Creek Rd through Stone Gap seems pretty indeterminate. It seems likely one route is under the existing road through the gap into Penn Roosevelt park. But examination in the SW corner of the gap shows clear RoW headed along the stream into the gap. Then it disappears 🙁 It’s unclear whether it has been wiped by flooding or whether it never continued into the gap. Was this a deadend spur, or was there actually a very big wye formed by two tracks through the gap?

One thought on “Stone Gap routes?”

  1. However they got through there, it must have been steep. See Kline pg 135 describing a passenger excursion. “There were two cars ahead and two behind so they could leave leave the second half behind to climb the hill and then go back down and bring up the rest. This was done several times at the head of Stone Gap.”

    But which end of the gap was considered the “head?”

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