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Life vs. Computers

I’m so sick and tired of computers. was down for a while. Now it’s back up. We will try to keep the information available for historical interest if nothing else.

Any missing images such as maps may or may not ever be restored.

The project is no longer being actively pursued due to other interests. Thank you for visiting!

Oppose Sunday Hunting in PA

If you’re interested in exploring history in remote areas of Pennsylvania, you should be concerned about the current push to legalize Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania. If passed, it would mean that people like us who like to explore are at substantial risk of death due to injuries inflicted by careless hunters. We feel that it is only fair that non-hunters have one day of the week that we can safely move about the woods. Many hunters I have personally spoken to agree, and believe the Sunday hunting is primarily aimed at drawing more out of state hunters.

The argument has largely been put in financial terms: the state believes they can make nearly a billion extra dollars by opening Sunday hunting. First of all, that seems highly unlikely. Second of all, fixing the state budget woes by endangering the few citizens who get off their fat asses and do something seems absurd and unfair.

The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is OPPOSING the Sunday hunting bill. Please check out their website for details. You can also visit the Pennsylvania General Assembly Website to contact state legislators. PLEASE take a minute to send an email or call your representatives and VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION TO SUNDAY HUNTING.

Explore safely! Explore without Sunday hunting!

Thank you.

Sorry About Missing Images

We’ve had some problems with our Survey Log recently, thanks to the folks at WordPress really falling down on the job with their update tools. They may feel that’s unfair, but I think it’s a valid assessment of the situation.

We seem to have recovered the Log entries (please let us know if anything seems to be missing) and are now working on individually uploading the various images of maps, pictures, etc. Things are going a little better, due to a faster internet connection out here in the sticks.

Thanks for your patience!

New: Overview Maps

Be sure to check out the new maps being created to summarize findings in various regions. They are a great way to appreciate just how extensive these railroads were. We’ll try to add to them regularly.


They are listed in the menus to the right of each page. Enjoy!