Little Shingletown branch followed to end (map)

Location: Little Shingletown Rd, Huntingdon county (about 40.7356, -77.8146)

With a few hours to kill, we decided to brave the blustery weather and try to wrap up our survey along Little Shingletown Rd from 2008/04/06.

With the help of the GPS, we returned to our previous stopping point and resumed surveying. The route was pretty clear although sometimes disrupted by a water crossing. We found good tie depressions in many areas. Although the ground got steeper and steeper, the builders did not give up for an impressively long time. It actually seems they surmounted one of the steepest areas, although approaching the saddle at the top of the valley it probably gets way steeper.

Near the end, the RoW encounters what appears to be a skid road at right angles. Shortly thereafter, the RoW seems to wind down and devolve into a couple of diverging log slides. One goes off to the east on relatively level ground, and one climbs steeply up the face of the ridge to the north. That seems to have been a loading point and the end of line.

We added 0.49 miles to our previous survey, and are happy to cross this branch off our list.

Here is a final track of all the Little Shingletown branch we managed to find:

Little Shingletown branch near Hubler Gap