Detweiler Run Bottom End

We decided today was the day to look for RoW in Detweiler Run, farther south of our previous exploration. We started at the previously-surveyed Bebelheimer RoW at two camps near the junction of Beidleheimer Rd and Bear Meadows Rd.

Sure enough, a little study found that the RoW continued past the previous stopping point. Things get pretty ugly in the area, due to lots of downed trees and a very meandering stream, but with some determination the route can be found to go up Detweiler Run. After a bit, the RoW becomes pretty clear and is essentially that of the Johnson Trail (?) (from Greenwood Tower). The reason we had missed this before is that it pretty much dies right around where the Mid State Trail comes down from the gate on Detweiler Run Rd. We must have missed it by mere feet on our previous exploration!

It appears the Kline map is correct in showing the Detweiler Run area entered from the south; we need to someday verify it is entered separately from the north.

We then spent some time pondering the connection up on to Bebelheimer Rd from this grade down along the run. It seems likely it was obliterated by road construction and that the RoW is actually under BR. No  RoW parallel to the road seems evident in the area, as we have seen in other places.

Note: This Beidleheimer/Beidelheimer/Bebelheimer thing is enough to drive one crazy. Some day I am going to the Huntingdon County courthouse and pulling deeds to try to resolve this!