Parkton and Manchester Railroad Makes the Map (map)

Some time ago, while researching online for evidence of the Parkton and Manchester Railroad, I found a google result which appeared to be a historic map of railroads in Maryland. Bandwidth limitations prevented me from downloading it at the time, and I forgot all about it. Luckily I stumbled upon it again and downloaded it this time.

It is Gray’s 1876 ‘New’ Railroad Map of Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia in the historical map directory of See, lobbyists are good for something!

Gray's 1876 Map

On the map, the route of the P&M is shown, as is that of the Bachman’s Valley Railroad.

P&M on Gray's 1876 Map

There is also a list of railroads, which shows the P&M as unfinished, 14 miles total length.

That’s it. I just wanted to share another couple bits of evidence that someone actually did try to build this railroad!