Lingle Valley in the Rain

Ok, this is more like Central Pennsylvania! Rain, or at least the prospect of it… Today we decided to head over to Lingle Valley for a change of scenery (maybe rhododendron and Mountain Laurel instead of Mountain Laurel and rhododendron).

We went up Stone Creek Rd, then over Chestnut Spring Rd to Conklin Rd. Vince had some theory about the rr heading for Otter Gap, as Kline’s map shows it reaching the county line. Since Conklin Rd seems to be solidly between Lingle Valley Rd and Otter Gap, I thought it seemed like a good place for an initial viewing.

We begin by wandering aimlessly about the large horseshoe at the west of Conklin Rd. I noted a nice little spring with an amusing sand spout effect on the bottom. Cute. We then crashed through undergrowth for a while, becoming ensnared in two deer control areas. It sprinkled. Nothing interesting found, other than some suspiciously large and old tree stumps in the area. I then sent Vince to check out the spring before we moved on. It seemed to be taking a long time… Turns out he had developed some theory involving various mounds, dips, and wood scraps around the spring. Ok, ok, I agree it is suspicious. But faint! We followed it a bit upstream, and a bit downstream. It’s suspicious, in that it seems larger rocks are pushed aside, but I’m a little wary. If it is anything, it could be the extreme end of it. Or it could be space aliens. I suggested we move downstream for additional viewings.

We stopped just east of Spruce Mtn Rd on a big curve. We crashed through brush. It rained harder. We saw what could be something. Larger rocks pushed aside? Or not. I suggested we move downstream for additional viewings.

We went perhaps 0.5 mile east on Lingle Valley Rd and found a spot relatively free from brush. Going 100 feet south, I encountered nice, solid, good ole fashioned rock RoW. Bingo! At least we know they came this far. With this waypointed, we decide to head someplace drier for lunch.

After later review, Vince reports that it is almost exactly 5 miles from downtown Milroy to the horseshoe on Conklin Rd. That jibes well with the 5 mile length reported by Kline.